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WELCOME to Operation Head Pigeons! Let's get our Zim back! Edit

Operation Head Pigeons is a group of DIE HARD Invader ZIM fans completely devoted to bringing back the most amazing show ever to exist!

Right now, we are taking a short break from mailing Nickelodeon (more like giving THEM a break) and are busy preparing for the biggest thing to happen to ZIM EVER!

We have openly gotten the support of the cast, including Richard Horvitz (voice of Zim), Melissa Fahn (voice of Gaz), Andy Berman (voice of Dib) and Eric Trueheart (writer for the show). Even the creator of the show, Jhonen Vasquez, has admitted in a September 2010 blog post that the idea of doing more work on Zim would be pretty dang cool.

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These people have made such an amazingly creative, hilarious, and wonderful show. It's given thousands and possibly millions of people something to rave over far after they've grown up. Cartoons like these have such a huge impact on us, how could we forget them? And how could we forget that it was taken from us?

You may have heard that we used to CALL Nickelodeon, and are wondering why we aren't doing that anymore. Well, turns out, mass-calling a studio with thousands of screaming teenagers isn't legal, and is called "harassment". (Don't worry, we just got a warning, no one was sued.)

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